Pentagonia is an installation of wood sculptures cut randomly in size but uniformly in angle (the pentagon angle)

12-13 - 1025.jpeg

An installation that included various components that rotate from our everyday life


Nature in perspective 3.jpeg

Tree branch woven pieces mounted on real tree and wood frames

 Nature in Perspective 


Dwelling is an installation that establishes a dialogue between animal and human architecture


12-13 - 6.jpeg

An installation and sculptures inspired by sitting on chairs looking after my mother before she died

 Mama's Chair 


Narratives is an installation of the opposites where a dialogue is established between organic trees and geometric structures



A series of wood cut and carved sculptures that was inspired by the Nubian architecture



An installation of wood structures formed randomly depicting the genious of Islamic geometry



Notations are wood sculptures that are built up and composed to create a graphic notation that can be played as music


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