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A series of paintings and ceramic wall sculptures suggesting the various experiences the artist encounter with hints of cultural background embedded

Nubia 1.jpeg


Nubia (a village south of Egypt) is a series of paintings exploring its vernacular architecture and the very special culture and character of its people

Gravity 22.jpeg


Gravity is a series of paintings created by letting forces of gravity and elements of chance define its compositions through pouring fluid paints and tilting the substrate in different directions whilst retaining control through broad rubber brush markings

Alchemy 18.jpeg


Alchemy is a series of paintings that the artist produced experimenting with different chemicals and mediums to explore various oil paint fluidity on a base of jesmonite surface


A series of paintings depicting people walking in the streets of Cairo capturing their contemplative moments or struggles of everyday life

Favela 1.jpeg


Favela is a series of paintings that explore the random juxtaposition of forms and shapes in architecture forming certain compositions and colour

Pavement 4.jpeg


Pavement is a series of paintings inspired by the cracks in the pavement that occur as a result of natural and organic forces. The simplicity of what lies below our feet has always been an inspiration!

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